The GMercyU 荣誉项目 is an opportunity to join a circle of talented and motivated peers, 变革者, 以及网络连接. 不管你的专业是什么, 荣誉课程将丰富你的大学经历, 提升你的简历, 提高你的就业能力, 增加你进入研究生院的机会.


The 荣誉项目 is dedicated to providing an academically rigorous and challenging curriculum, 沉浸在文科和理科之中, 献给最聪明、最勤奋的学生. The Program is committed to preserving an academic culture that inspires a genuine eros for learning.


A special full-tuition 荣誉项目 Scholarship in the final semester of your senior year.

荣誉项目奖学金 is available to first-time, full-time 荣誉项目-eligible students who enroll in the 荣誉项目 beginning in their first semester at GMercyU.

The scholarship will be added to any other scholarships and grants you have earned to bring your tuition costs down to $0 in the final semester of your senior year!


  • 第一次, full-time 荣誉项目-eligible students who enroll in the 荣誉项目 beginning in their first semester at GMercyU
  • Completion of at least 5 of the 6 required 荣誉项目 courses by the end of first semester senior year; must be on track to complete all 6 courses by end of senior year
  • 累积平均分不低于3分.在大三结束的时候
  • On track to graduate within 8 consecutive semesters (4 yrs) without any disciplinary actions

*荣誉项目奖学金 will not cover room and board or other fees, and it cannot be combined with the Presidential Scholarship. 学生s must report any financial aid received from private/external sources to the financial aid office. Institutional funding may be reduced when total gift aid (grants/scholarships/tuition benefits) from all sources exceeds standard tuition charges.


  • 一个额外的 .每修完一门荣誉课程加25分
  • 以优异的成绩毕业
  • 提早上课
  • Small seminar classes that emphasize interactive learning and critical thinking
  • 独家荣誉计划文化和社会活动, and occasions for informal gatherings with Honors 教师
  • 来自荣誉项目教师的个性化指导
  • GMercyU校长的特别招待会
  • An opportunity to participate in the Griffin 学生 领导 Institute
  • 特殊生活/学习校内住房
  • 沉浸在充满挑战的, classical liberal arts education that allows students and professors to eng年龄 in conversation and discovery
  • 提高研究生学习和就业资格
  • Connections with a cross-section of students from various academic majors
  • 传入的第一年, full-time students invited to join the Honors program are eligible for the 荣誉项目 Scholarship (see above) and are also typically awarded an $18,000-$19,000麦考利奖学金.


在荣誉项目中, I was able to learn from professors who I might not have interacted with otherwise. [They] will make time for you even if you’re not in one of their classes. 如果你兴奋,他们也会兴奋. 

——Andreana Ely '17 


Enrollment in the 荣誉项目 is by invitation and is based on the following criteria:


  • 3.平均成绩5分或以上
  • SAT总分1170分或ACT同等成绩*

*GMercyU will not require students to submit standardized test scores. 代替SAT或ACT成绩, you may submit either a recommendation letter from a teacher OR a writing sample — a paper or essay you’ve already written for a high school assignment that represents your best work. 请将您的推荐信提交至:

P.O. 901箱

Alternatively, you can submit a paper or essay electronically to the 招生 Office at admissions@tomcrawfordrealtor.com.


  • 3.5累积绩点
  • 教员推荐信一封
  • 荣誉项目主任面试

如果您不符合上述所有标准, you may still be admitted to the program at the discretion of the 荣誉项目 Director.


Once you’re admitted to the 荣誉项目, you will complete six courses. 如果你达到了3.荣誉课程的平均绩点是0分,3分.本科课程的总GPA为33分, you will be recognized at the Honors Convocation before commencement, and your transcript and diploma will reflect that you graduated from the 荣誉项目.

Since all 荣誉项目 courses satisfy the University's General Education requirements, 签名研讨会除外, you won’t need to take any additional courses to graduate, and you will receive both General Education and Honors credit.

My favorite honors class [so far] has been Mysticism and Transcendence. The course was challenging and thought-provoking as it revealed the changing of our beliefs as time passed. 




学生s in the 荣誉项目 take six courses in these artes liberales:


  • 辩证法:哲学、宗教研究、历史
  • Rhetoric: English, political science, communication, history, philosophy
  • Grammar: English, communication, history, religious studies, philosophy

  • Music: music, drama, art history, English, communication, philosophy, history, religious studies
  • 数学
  • 天文学:被解释为自然科学和社会科学

在以上课程中, you will dive deeply into the subject matter through conversation-based learning with your professors.

As you explore the history and herit年龄 of western civilization, 你会提高你的沟通技巧, 口头和书面. You will learn to think critically, but also with nuance and sophistication. 你会培养一种全球意识, an understanding of human freedom and responsibility to the community, 以及对人类精神的一种感知, 道德, 道德遗产.

The complexity of the course material and the rigors of the Program will help solidify your confidence in your ability to learn and help prepare you to become adaptable within your future career.

[Dr. Messina] is one of the most brilliant minds I have ever had the pleasure of speaking with, and he has also been one of the greatest mentors to me in my life. 他对我的影响远远超出了课堂, 他对我影响最大的地方在哪里, but also the way I have come to view certain things about the world around us. 感谢博士. 墨西拿是不可言喻的. 

——Austin Lescanec '18 



For additional information on the GMercyU 荣誉项目, please contact 招生 at admissions@tomcrawfordrealtor.com 或联系项目主管:

Dr. 帕特里克·墨西拿
215-646-7300,分机. 21198